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June ’19 studio update

June started out with a quick visit to see family, but then the rest of the month was a full schedule trying to juggle a bunch of projects – getting some off the ground and finishing others.

June was a month to focus in on what exactly had to be done. Flirting with some ideas about some large group shows, I decided to put those on the backburner for now. That would allow me to focus on my upcoming painting shows. It will also allow me the correct time to dot all the i’s and cross the t’s on the group events that I would like to bring into existence in Kansas City.

So, to keep things going in studio, I made some smaller stretchers in my woodshop. These stretchers will help buttress the work of some of my upcoming shows.

In addition to that, I’ve kept up my year long foray into printmaking. Using drawing fluid, I started a silkscreen of a drawing of a bull. I’m in uncharted waters, so I’m expecting a few attempts before figuring out this new medium.

In addition to finishing up the logo from last month, I also started in on some vine charcoal drawings. These eight drawings, each 30″x22″, are just another component of an upcoming show. I love using vine charcoal to create large drawings, and after a fast start, the drawings kinda settled on my wall fora few days for me to digest. In July’s update, you should see some big progress on these as I figure out the next steps.

vine charcoal

A great song by one of my favorite bands from oh so long ago. Includes the amazing line: “In America, every puddle, gasoline rainbow”