The Last Supper: An Oil Painting Commission

Last Supper Oil Painting Commissionoil painting commission

A few months ago I was commissioned to paint a version of the Last Supper for a client.  I visited the space, came up with some ideas that would fit the room, including scale and colors, and after a few months of painting held up by an unheated studio in the winter months, this is what the finished result looks like.

The oil painting is on canvas, on a hand built stretcher and the actual size of the painting is 11 feet by 5 1/2 feet. It was an incredibly fun painting to design and paint. When hung in its space, the painting can be seen from its left from the outside, front and center from the main entrance, as well as from its right from a side entrance.  When approached from the right side, an optical illusion is created as the table in the painting appears as a square and ‘unfolds’ as the viewer walks towards the center of the room, extending to its full size.

Further down the page you can take a look at the installation and how the painting looks in situ, located in a nice residence in the western reaches of Austin, Texas.

Last Supper Oil Painting Commission Here are some views of the installation and the final hanging of the oil painting commission at a residence in Austin, Texas:

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