Last Supper: Three Days In…

The early days of work on the Last Supper Commission continue…
All the work continues on the underpainting and cleaning up the rough edges of the transferred drawing.  I rescaled some of the figures (mainly the three men on the far left), slid Jesus over a little, and planned to re-position the column before Jesus as well. Here is a picture of where the painting was near the middle of Day Two;LS_003a

And when it was time to finally skip out of studio, I left it in this shape:

LS_003bDay Three
I continued to work on the expressions, scale, hands and positioning of the figures.  Also cleared up some posture and gesture issues, and laid in the basic expressions on most figures.  While staring at the painting, and lining up some of the larger perspective lines that run through the backwall, I realized I’ll have to figure up some scaling and perspective issues, so I’ll let those thoughts ruminate in the back of my head until I’ll need to deal with them.
So far, I’m pretty enthused with the progress, and will also begin to tackle the table settings, food, table clothe and background tomorrow.  Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be in the position to start laying down some thicker paint, building up shadows and values, and continue to push this eleven foot behemoth along.LS_005

Here’s a slightly flattened out look at the picture, after using some quick and dirty photo edits:


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