Lisbon sidewalks

¡Lisbon Sidewalks & More!

Lisbon is such a visually rich city, I took a lot of effort to not just stare at the beautiful sidewalks. Here’s a look at some of the visuals that made the city such a delight!

pastel de nata

When in Rome, eat spaghetti or whatever. When in Lisbon, don’t miss the pastéis de nata. Actually, it’s impossible to miss them, they are everywhere and they are delicious. Pace yourself!


Looking up and looking down are both treats in Lisbon. There are tons of little overlooks throughout the city.

Lisbon is famous for its buildings lined with tiles. You can spend days just photographing single blocks. The effect of all the tiles is overwhelming. There’s so much visual stimulation its hard to take it all in over a few days. It also will add time to your walks across the city, as you’ll stop quite a few times to admire the craftsmanship.

There’s so much to take in while in Lisbon. The tiled houses, the tiled sidewalks and streets, the sea itself. With all of the hills, it’s hard to stand anywhere in Lisbon and have a bad view. Here are some random shots from the city:

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