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May ’19 Studio Update

They say April is the cruelest month, but May always serves as a harbinger of doom. Setting up for survival in the summer months is one of the hardest tasks I experience as an artist. The other is getting people interested in buying art to finally commit.

‘Busy’ is never a very interesting answer to how you’re doing. Everybody is busy doing something, or even busy doing nothing. When your plate is full, things can feel a bit overwhelming.

Being self employed also means most everything falls onto your shoulders. May was one of those months where it felt like everything was crashing down on me. As the summer months start up, my class schedule shrinks, meaning every dollar I make needs to go a little bit farther. Side projects scale down, my paint supply dwindles, and my stress levels rise a bit.

This May was no exception. In addition to trying to figure out where some extra ducats would come from, my website that unceremoniously crashed. After walking through the wilderness for a day and a half, I miraculously saved and reloaded the entire site without losing any data! It’s a pyrrhic victory. Eating up two days of time is the equivalent in real people’s lives of having your car in the shop for a week.

Studio Work

In other news, I also continued my search for new imagery for new paintings. Digging through reference photos, ideas, and concepts to unite the imagery with the themes in my head. It’s a long process, filled with lots of sketches and photos, finding the correct angles. Spending extra time on the search for new imagery allows me to let my ideas crystallize a bit more before I get to the canvas. This allows a certain economy of materials to my process.

Work on new shows and events is also happening. A couple grandiose ideas have been tossed around, and some more practical matters like solo painting shows are also moving up the urgency list.

I also was able to spend time fleshing out the details on the book that I have been dabbling with over the past year. I’m really enjoying the pace and ability to work on plot, structures and characters. It’s very relaxing to write without the worry of images, as my last writing project. I’m hoping to find a bit of time throughout the summer to set things up so that I can really put some serious words down on the page during the fall.

Logo Design

While all of that is going on, I’ve also been working on some logo design for a local business. Obviously by the pictures, you can tell its a space themed logo. I don’t create many logos, and don’t pretend to be something I’m not. It’s been an enjoyable side project to work on with some very nice people on the other side.

logo design

So now, enjoy this Clash song and hope I can make it through June!