Lisbon, Portugal from the Air

My End of 2021 Trip

The stars and planets all aligned to make my latest trip a reality. I just finished a mural, and found a startingly cheap flight to Madrid. After all the absolute shit of the past two years, it was time to go. Almost without any hesitation, I bought the ticket and started planning out my route.

I ended up spending three and a half weeks bouncing around Spain and Portugal. I flew to New York City and spent a week chilling out and seeing some more art. Then I finished up the trip over Christmas with my family. My trip was filled with art, food, poorly spoken Spanish and some unbelievable sights. Here are some stories from the trip:


Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

When circumstances pointed towards a random trip to Madrid, my first thoughts turned to finally seeing the Prado. Outside of that, I had no idea what to see or expect. Spain was full of surprises at every corner. Quickly, the history, people, art and culture became endlessly fascinating to me.


Toledo, Spain

Here’s the second entry from my trip to Spain and Portugal in November and December of 2021. A walk through Madrid set off a weird chain of events. Everything culminated by being awed by the city of Toledo, Spain.

Segovia aqueduct

Segovia, Spain

I spent the last few days in Spain seeing some unbelievable stuff. I took a quick train ride north to the small, ancient town of Segovia.

Madrid, Spain

Back in Madrid

Once I was back in Madrid, I just took my time getting lost through the city day after day. I kept finding new neighborhoods and different beats, finding different routes back to a lot of the main hot spots I’ve visited before. So here are a few more stories from Madrid…


Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Like a comfortable old home, Lisbon was an inviting city. Abuzz with food, wild views, and the pensive sea, there was never a dull moment in Lisbon.


Sintra, Portugal

A quick day trip from Lisbon was a faraway place called Sintra. Home to some palaces and gorgeous views of mountains and the ocean, it’s hard not to love this place.

Lisbon sidewalks

Lisbon’s Sidewalks and More

Lisbon is such a visually rich city, I took a lot of effort to not just stare at the beautiful sidewalks. Here’s a look at some of the visuals that made the city such a delight!

The Basque Country


Bilbao, Spain

Bilbao was a whole other country. A small city with gorgeous architecture, scenery and art, it’s a gem.

Back Home

New York City Covid

New York, New York

I got my final (covid) exam in Bilbao and passed with flying color. I retraced my steps back through airports in Madrid then Lisbon on my way to New York City. After a late arrival, I chose to stay at the ultra swank TWA Hotel about 100 feet from JFK’s baggage claim. The hotel was…