New Art Project Coming Up!!!

A New Art Project That Should Result in a Grand Show in Kansas City
art project
While taking a nice Sunday morning walk on 39th Street, the rumblings of my empty stomach were replaced with the rumblings of an idea for a new, exciting art project that will culminate in a large, collaborative group show featuring artists from Kansas City, Austin, and parts unknown.

While the details are still being hammered out, I’ve already contacted some artists that I’d love to feature in the show and my tentative plan has been greeted with some healthy enthusiasm. Over the next week, I’ll refine the idea, start looking into the logistics of the show, as well as the timing and location(s). The next step will be nailing down a list of core artists, running through the guidelines, getting feedback, and then opening the art project up to a larger number of interested artists.

I’ve run through plenty of ideas in my head already, and as with every other large group show I’ve put together (scroll down to see the list of curated art shows) over the years, the artists always put their best foot forward and the work always goes farther than expecting, surprising and delighting the audiences.

If you are an artist in Kansas City, Austin or someplace else, and would like to be kept in the loop as the details of this art project, drop me a line at and I’ll put you on the list.