Make Your Own Magic… Using A New Easel!

So it’s a new year and perhaps you’ve wanted to make a crazy resolution to be more creative in 2019. So go for it! But how can you paint and be creative without an easel? Well, here’s an easy enough solution for you: I’m now making heavy duty, durable wooden easels!

Why go out and pay hundreds and hundred of dollars on an expensive model without even knowing what all those buttons and do-hickeys do on it? I’m taking my favorite easel that I have used since 1996 and making brand new ones for sale from my studio!

Mine has literally stood the test of time, and is still going strong! So why don’t you pick up a new easel for your studio and get creative today! Yours won’t have the cool build up of paint on it that mine does, it’ll be brand new, but it will give you something to aspire! What are you waiting for, you need to paint, you need to be creative, and this is the perfect thing to get you moving! Here’s how to order your easel today!

painting easels