The Boxing Show

New Paintings

Here’s a look at some of my new paintings I’ve just finished. Some of these make up the Boxing Show at Hank Charcuterie in Lawrence, Kansas that runs from March 22 to May 20.

Hank Charcuterie

Click on any of the new paintings below to see a closer view at some of the completed works that make up my boxing series. The five images below are all finished paintings, and below those are some works that are still in progress.

new paintings
new paintings new paintings

new paintingsnew paintings

And here are some of the works that are still in progress that I’ll be wrapping up over the next few weeks. I already have been researching some new visuals for new works after this series is complete, and am very excited to have the chance to start on those before the end of April. I should have about 20 new paintings in my painting rack in my studio by the time June rolls around and I can focus all my energies on The Game Show, which opens in Kansas City in July.

new paintings new paintings new paintings new paintings