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November ’18 Studio Update

There’s nothing like moving to slow down your momentum…

Northeast Kansas City

With the sale of the building that housed my loft and studio to a developer who will turn them into luxury lofts, I spent a few weeks scouring real estate listings for a new place to call home and continue to get some work done before the end of the year.

So I left the River Market and moved to Northeast Kansas City. My studio now calls the Scarritt Renaissance neighborhood home. I found a great place run by a great couple who want to keep the Northeast a great neighborhood affordable to all families. With cities becoming sanitized playgrounds  for the rich with all the trappings of every single other city everywhere, every year gets harder to live in an urban environment. Here’s a map I found of every city.

But my new place is spectacular – it’s in a quiet corner of a neighborhood, surrounded by gorgeous and long forgotten homes with families and long time residents everywhere. It’s close to the Kansas City Museum and a bunch of parks. The move went smoothly, helped out by some great friends who lent their support (and backs) to get all of my paintings, studio stuff, and living stuff moved.

Getting unpacked was a chore. But with ample space to set up a larger studio and stretch out, things went smoothly and I was able to get back to work. With less than two months of working time remaining in the year, I wanted to finish up a bunch of my paintings before the calendar turns.

Studio Work

Below you can see some random shots of some of th progress I’ve been making. The two paintings feature Morton Downey Jr. (I absolutely detest CNN almost as much as Fox News,but the video gives a good look at the man) Combining sideshows with the ultra aggressive, belligerent shitshow of Downey Jr’s act is a quality stand in for today’s crap.

I also made some progress in  November on some older works that I had in the studio, with my sideshow barker paintings getting their ironic red white and blue patina applied to them. The sirens still need hands, feet and faces, although everything else is shaping up fine.  With half of  December to go, I’ve got a bunch of work to still finish up!

(Sorry for the poor picture quality, these were non-thought out snapshots)