November ’21 Studio Update

While I can’t guarantee this will be the last post I post before figuring out something to post in December, I know that there’s a bunch of stuff happening in my head, sketchbook, and a very real plot to make a bunch of shows happen in 2022 if we’re all still around by then.

I won’t deny the past couple years have been shitty on a bunch of fronts. Normal socializing, long term friendships, and dealing with absolutely dickheaded libertarians and republicans have all worn on me in a thousand different ways. The past couple years have drowned me in a weird malaise I never considered in my life.

Some months in the studio progress is made with just a minimal amount of invisible to the outside eye. This November was one of those months. With a year ending vacation heading my way fast, time is short, but I still got some work done…

Boat Drawings

I made some more progress on my series of acrylic wash/ink boat drawings that I have been working on. I’ve really enjoyed the process and I always forget just how much I love using ink pens to draw. There’s some spot between zen and OCD that just lets me zone out and work out the line quality, values and mark making in my drawings. It’s quite beneficial on the latter two, as those always pertain to my oil paintings the most as well. 

I’ve only showed my drawings to a few folks in person and they’ve been well received so far. There’s a common reaction to call them ‘beautiful’. It’s a weird reaction as I’m drawing ecological and manmade disasters, with shipwrecked boats standing in for humanity. 

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to finishing these up. The series would look wonderful nice in a set of matching frames. I may have to break out some advanced woodworking skills down in my woodshop to produce some of those.

With a whole new set of experiences lined up on my upcoming trip, I’m excited to see where my work will lead in the new year. I feel like I’ve stumbled onto a rich set of ideas and imagery that could propel my work in a new direction soon.