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October ’19 Studio Update

My show is drawing closer so that means it’s just paint, paint, paint in studio. There’s a lot going on, with future plans floating in the ether, so I’m spending my days finishing paintings.

This show is going to have over 30 paintings in it, but I still feel the need to add a few more as well as finish up some loose ends. The painting has been going great and I feel pretty good about things so far.

Finishing paintings isn’t always the easiest thing to do. There’s the old adage about painters never finishing paintings, just abandoning them, and that’s pretty true. Making the decision to say a painting is done is always a fine line. Working with a deadline is fine, the trouble is when the deadline is too close. I set the date for this show about five weeks out, which is tight mainly for press release and promotions.

One of the simple joys of putting together an art show is spending money! It’s awesome to see budgets get destroyed and bills put on the backburner because you’re almost out of raw sienna. Here’s what it’s like:

pri·or·i·ty/prīˈôrədē/ a thing that is regarded as more important than another.
plural noun: priorities
Today’s expenses:
Oil Paint: $119.50
Groceries: $42.09

I am excited to finally see opening night. That’s when I get to walk around and stare at all my paintings, pretend to accept compliments, all the while gritting my teeth and judge myself all night. Then I can take a couple days off, relax, then start to make some more canvases and get onto the next thing.

This show is going to be big, fun, dumb, smart, beautiful, ugly and ridiculous. I’ll instantly judge it, rethink things a few weeks later, and just keep painting. Here’s a few tidbits of what will be on display at the show:

Don't You Blow Your Big Top

Musically I’ve been all over the place over the past month, listening to a bunch of old psychedelic rock to the warm music of the mid 90’s. Here’s Calvin Johnson representing the latter with his band the Halo Benders:

Other Recent Studio Updates: