October ’18 Studio Update

Silkscreen Printing and Oil Painting. October has been a crazy month. Two large (4’x6′) paintings incorporating the imagery I’ve been working with all year has blossomed to include Morton Downey Jr, street preachers, busty sirens, bulls and rodeo clowns against a sideshow backdrop.

It feels like this series of paintings is entering a new zone and the imagery hitting its zenith, with a few more tricks to add over the next couple of months, culminating the zeitgeist of this era of demagogues and the American way.

While I started making progress on the two larger paintings in my studio, I also turning some imagery and themes into a new medium: silkscreen prints.

I haven’t burned screens in ages. So this month I’ve experimented with a bunch of techniques and processes along the way.  (Thanks Kinko’s!) With a few new pen and ink drawings in tow, I stumbled through photoshopping the images into screens, and hit the breaks to make transparencies, stretched silkscreens, and printed some tests. I made a quick rig to register the prints, and was off to the races.

With the month of silkscreen experimentation behind me, I’ll be making a series of prints alongside my paintings and drawings. I’ve always been envious of printmakers’ ability to make multiples. With this silkscreen experience behind me, I’m ready to see where these prints develop. I have a few ideas for some larger and more complex prints on the horizon. It should be a great addition to my regular studio work.

I also brought to fruition a side project I’ve been working on for the past few months – a new t-shirt design. Once I finalized the design, it was off to the silkscreen once again with a few of the  finished results:

Stay tuned for more info on these shirts!