My Onion Interview

Onion Interview
In 2007, I took some time off from painting to work on a book.  Unbeknownst to me, the story I was about to write was a bit more autobiographical than I ever wanted to admit at the time, and the project took on the format of a comic book.  In November, shortly after the book’s publication, I was interviewed by Sean O’Neal of the AV Club, and my interview appearing in the Onion.
Set against the backdrop of the rapidly changing and gentrifying neighborhood of East Austin, I wrote a satirical story about a young white artist who took it upon himself to stop gentrification by putting on a Mexican wrestling costume and becoming the Really White Vigilante.

Here’s a scan of the Onion interview in all its glory, with the cover art of the comic produced by the great painter Ian Shults.

Onion interview
After the Onion interview made it to the press, I sold out of first editions of the book and it went into a second printing.  I did spend the next two years writing and drawing two sequels as well.  It was a lengthy side project, but a welcome event in my life.