Open Studio & Sale – May 25, 2019

open studio & sale

There will be a open studio & sale at Michael Schliefke’s studio in Northeast Kansas City on Saturday, May 25 from 10am – 3pm.

Come on out to the quiet part of Northeast Kansas City to see some art! Michael Schliefke’s studio will be open to the public. Check out works in progress and finished works. You’ll also hear about some future projects and get an idea of what events are coming up in the near future.

This is a great chance to ask questions about the processes, ideas and techniques behind the paintings. Find out where everything is heading! Hear about some exciting art shows that are on the drawing table. Perhaps even get a sneak peak at a secret project that Michael is working on that is in progress.

This is an exciting time in Michael’s studio, as a couple of painting projects are nearing their zeniths, and a series of art shows are planned in the near future as well. There is also a slew of new paintings about to be started, so blank canvases and some early starts will be on display.

Paintings of boxers, matadors, and some older works for sale. There will be some drawings and some older works on paper as well. Each sale is absolutely vital too! Every dollar will need to be reinvested in paints, materials and the costs of putting together the future shows! Your support means so much to the next few months of progress and results in my studio!!!

Open Studio & Sale

WHEN – Saturday, May 25th 10am-3pm
WHERE – 104 Askew Avenue Kansas City, Missouri, 64123
– (map & directions) (google maps)

RSVP by emailing Michael at If you can’t make it out on Saturday, you can also schedule another time that will work for you! Here’s all the details for the one day event: