Painted Photo Op Now Available for Your Event!

Painted Photo Ops

Painted Photo Ops are now available for your next big event! Make your next kids party, corporate event, wedding, or big party an extra special affair!

Perfect for any event, these photo ops can be customized to the size and shape you need for your event! I can work with any corporate logo, photograph, color scheme or concepts you have! These make perfect backdrops for instagram and any social media app. No photo booth or photographer is necessary!

Additional features include unique shapes, cut-outs for heads, and even glitter – actually, the sky is the limit! Whatever your event needs, these backdrops can provide! Because of my twenty plus years of painting murals, backdrops and even opera sets, I can make your photo op extra special! A distinctive painted photo op will make your event even more memorable!

photo ops

To find out more about your own Kansas City painted photo op, check out all the information on the backdrops here. Start planning yours today!