Pianos on Parade, Part Two

Pianos on Parade
After I finished up my painted piano for the River Market, I got an email about doing a second piano for the Pianos on Parade program. This time it was for Avila University, which is about to celebrate their 100th Anniversary next year. Below you can see some pictures of my work, which incorporated the school colors, the Anniversary logo, as well as some of the buildings on the campus, from the past and the present.

Here is the Avila University piano for the Pianos on Parade program in Kansas City, 2015:
Avila University av1      av2

The piano used their logo – a purple shield with the Avila ‘A’ on it in the design as well as the seat, and a fountain from campus along with the first graduate of the school from 1915. on the other side, Foyle Hall is painted, alongside the original structure the new building is based off of, as well as a birds eye view of the Avila campus. Thanks again to everybody at Pianos on Parade for this magnificent opportunity!