Pianos on Parade

Pianos on ParadeI am excited to participate in the Pianos on Parade event that is hosting a grand opening at Union Station on Saturday, May 23!

I visited the Keys 4/4 Kids warehouse in the West Bottoms, selected a piano, and started a little of the base painting, in addition to adapting my design for the final paint job to the dimensions of the piano I selected.

Some minor changes needed to be made to the design, but I’m happy with the new layout and am very excited to make some progress on the piano before finishing up the painting with a student at Union Station. In addition to working with a student, each artist who works on a piano is teamed up with an event sponsor, so I’ll be painting a piano for the River Market20150516_153222 20150516_153217 20150516_120101, which works out great since it is the neighborhood that I live and work!

After the Union Station event (with all the artists in attendance), the Pianos on Parade will be distributed throughout Kansas City – in all the neighborhoods and hotspots all around town, so make sure you keep your eyes open this summer!

For a quick preview of the first few hours of roughed in work on the piano, here’s a few quick pictures:

Pianos on ParadeRiver Market