Presidential Losers Book Release!

Presidential Losers Book

Just prior to the last Presidential Election, I was invited to partake in a great idea for a group art show – a show devoted to all the men and women who ran, and lost, a Presidential Election.  The show, the brainchild of the crazed Austin energies of Shannon McCormick and Brenner, culminated in an amazing show featuring well over 70 artists from Austin, Texas, and the rest of the United States, and has culminated into a printed book celebrating the art of the show!

I was asked early enough to be able to select my Presidential Loser, and I chose 1968’s Barry Goldwater.  The show was filled with a wide variety of wroks, from illustrators, printmakers, painters and other artists who took the same starting point of the subject matter and ran in a seemingly endless variety of directions.

* * * UPDATE!!! The books are still in transit , so the show has been postponed until Sunday, January 26th from noon until 4 pm!!!  * * *

On January 18th, there will be a book release party at Guzu Gallery from noon until 4pm.  Swing on by and pick up your own copy of another chapter of Austin’s unique artistic environment!  The show was a great milestone of the growth and development of the Austin art scene, and the Presidential Losers Book will definitely remind you of this high water mark of Austin’s 2012 art culture!

Barry Goldwater
My Barry Goldwater drawing (as seen in progress)