Sailing Away - new oil paintings by Michael Schliefke

Sailing Away : New Paintings

‘Sailing Away’ is a show of new oil paintings takes place on April 14th and 15th at the Schliefkevision studio. Evoking the myths of Charon and siren, this collection of new oil paintings sets a tone of loss, remembrance and struggle in a random and often unforgiving world.

Sailing Away

Show Information:

Opening Reception:
Friday, April 14 6-9pm
Gallery Hours:
Saturday, April 15 10am-5pm

Schliefkevision studio (click for directions)
located in northeast Kansas City
104 Askew Avenue
KC MO 64123

Sailing Away:

Combining a love of art history and the act of painting, ‘Sailing Away’ centers around imagery of Charons, sirens and shipwrecks. Often evoking a lost, solitary tone, these paintings use imagery attached to the sea to address themes of loss, memory and struggle. Boats become figurative vessels, sirens border on luscious, alluring mounds of paint. Skies and seas are full of alarm, dread and wonder.

These oil paintings grew from a series of ink drawings of shipwrecks set against man made environmental disasters. Taking on a mythical tone, lonely boats soon became vessels for a journey through the Underworld. Charon and his assistants labor to send the lost ones on their way. The imagery progressed to include sailors being enticed by sirens, and an entire theme of work was fleshed out from the sea. The paintings in this show are from 2023.

Michael Schliefke is a painter working in his studio in Northeast Kansas City. Constantly producing new work and art related side projects, Michael also teaches art classes and has worked on various art projects, murals over the years. His work often combines art history, personal experiences, and imagery from his travels.

A sample of some of the works that will be on display:

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