September ’18 Studio Update

“So you’re making money!?” is one of the common responses artists get when they tell people that they’re really busy. In truth, being really busy means they’re actually creating the potential to make money.

And that reality is sometimes days, weeks, months or more out. The phrases ‘investing in yourself’ and ‘betting on yourself’ take on a certain gravitas. So with paintings, new projects and new ideas inundating my studio at a breakneck speed, things are beginning to feel a bit overwhelming.

One of the biggest tasks for painters to accomplish before starting in on painting new works is to build new painting stretchers. So armed with my miter saw, drills, and boxes of screws, my studio converted into a woodshop for a couple of days. I ended up with about 25 new assembled stretchers that needed the next steps of having the canvas stretched, then prepared with rabbit skin glue and marble dust.

Once I finished up the process of building new stretchers, I embarked on a little side project. I ended up painting four more side show paintings. Here’s a look at some of the progress I’ve made on these little guys:

And on the heels of those paintings, new painting ideas emerged and will be started soon with the completion of two 4’x6′ stretchers. Silkscreens will play a large role in some other new projects coming up soon. With September feeling like an overburdened beast, the good (or bad) news is that October is going to be just as busy. Hopefully, the money will come too.

new projects

And one last thing…

As my musical playlists evolve from month to month, one of the constants that has survived all the tweaks is this song and video by the Avalanches. I joked with a friend about how it was the ‘spiritual sequel’ to a painting I gave him before I left Austin. It is unfinished, although he loved it and deemed it complete. The painting features a bunch of coal miners in a claustrophobic cave, diligently toiling away.