Father’s Day Show – Jun ’06

June 18th, 2006

Portraits of Dad
Done by
Thirty Austin Artists

Bolm Studios
Austin, Texas

Named Top Ten Visual Art Thing of 2006, Austin Chronicle

On Father’s Day, Bolm Studios is proud to host a special group show celebrating Dad.  Thirty Austin artists will be invited to paint, draw or capture the essence of their father, for better or worse, and have the results hang in the Bolm Studios Gallery.

Among the artists lined up to participate include Sam Hurt, all of the members of SODALITAS,Ian Shults, Chris Chappell, Meg Stone, Bob Sabiston and David Ohlerking.  The complete lineup will be finalized in the next few months.  The show will spill out into the Bolm Studios courtyard, as a full fledged tribute to ‘Dear Old Dad’ will take place with a real live BBQ featuring the best dogs and burgers this side of the Colorado, along with cans of cheap ‘Dad beer’ and Kool-Aid for the little ones.

All fathers are encouraged to attend with their families, and see the imagery and thoughts brought to mind by the artists in the show.

Michael Schliefke, the curator of the show, recently co-curated the successful ‘Will There Ever be a Rainbow’ show held at Bolm Studios in November, 2005.  He has also put together two ‘Shoulda Been a Plumber’ painting exhibitions as well as the ‘While We’re Young’ show held at Blue Genie Art in April, 2005.

Participating Artists:
Kim Bond
Lance Bradley
Chris Chappell
Elizabeth Chappell
Charlie Chauvin
Ryah Christensen
Chris Coakley
Ryan Day
J.D. Fanning
Holly Fisher
Jenny Hart
Sam Hurt
Sandra Jackson
Whitney Lee
Shea Little
Michelle Mayer
Dan Morrison
John Mulvaney
Travis Nichols
Matt Norris
Katy O’Connor
David Ohlerking
Joseph Phillips
Meg Renwick
Bob Sabiston
Michael Schliefke
Ian Shults
Meg Stone
Jana Swec
Cherie Weaver
Dana Younger