Shoulda Been a Plumber Too – Oct ’04

Shoulda Been a Plumber 2
Shoulda Been a Plumber


Shoulda Been a Plumber Too
The sequel to the original ‘Shoulda Been a Plumber’ show that was held in October, 2003 at Blue Genie Art, this show brings together a new cast of painters.   With the anxiety, stress, and lack of financial security in their chosen vocation, these painters know they have no choice but to continue painting.  This exhibition features new and exciting work from all four painters.  Described as ‘painter’s painters’, all four artists eschew conceptual art and practice their love of painting by admiring and learning from a wide range of artists throughout art’s long history, and applying their own modern ideas, thoughts and visions to the images they produce.

Chris Chappell is a life long resident of Austin and in addition to painting full time and expanding his visionary series of landscapes and invented spaces, he is adding to his family as well, with a third child due later in October.  His work revolves around space and form, often using observational painting as a vehicle to move into a unique spatial constructions with multiple viewpoints, humor and a special attention to detail. Charles Randolph has been a painter as long as he can remember.  Truly a smooth styled rock star in his own right, Charles has developed his craft at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.  Since returning to Austin, Charles has successfully displayed his work throughout town.  His paintings are vibrant and raw, with an expressive yet controlled use of paint that begins to tell the stories deeply imbedded inside. Michael Schliefke has been living and painting full time in Austin for over two years.  The latest series of work that will be shown is a continuation of his study of painting and drawing, and the lines holding together  subject matter alongside abstract forms, all while presenting a narrative.  This exhibition is the third show of Austin painters he has put together, assembling a different tone and experience for the viewer each time. Ian Shults has painted and drawn his entire life.  Ian’s work rallies around the absurd, and has a sardonic edge that carries a refreshing comedic offbeat tone.  His work is informed by a keen sense of American pop culture. His work has been seen in various shows and events throughout Austin.  In addition to painting, Ian is a sculptor, painter and designer at Blue Genie Art Industries, and is the front man for a touring punk band.