While We’re Young – Apr ’04

While We’re Young

While We’re Young

Opening Reception:
April 16, 2004
Blue Genie Art
Austin, Texas

About the Artists

The lineup is set for the big April painting show to be held at Blue Genie Art Industries on April 16-17.  The show features a strong and diverse mix of painters from the Austin area.  Chris Chappell continues his explorations of space and color using slightly skewed cityscapes to portray the beauty his eye sees in the architecture laying waste to this proud city.  Tim Doyle pop inspired paintings show the influence of his comics and zines.  Holly Fisher, who also has a strong animation background working in Bob Sabiston’s studio, creates lushly painted canvases in an intimate painterly style. 

Jeanne Hospod‘s figurative work concentrates on vibrant colors and an uncanny knack for representing the figure.  Meg Renwick teaches at Laguna Gloria and has been concentrating on painting her somewhat surreal visions for over a decade. San Marcos’ resident painter Grady Roper combines the illustrative nature of his cartoon work with carefully crafted painting techniques.  The slyly tongue in cheek figures that live in Michael Schliefke‘s paintings often revel in the seedier side of the alley, making nods to various painters through history along the way.

About the Show:

This is the second painting exhibition planned and put together by Austin painters Chris Chappell and Michael Schliefke.  In the fall of 2002, they decided they wanted to pull together some of the stronger painters in Austin and put on a great painting exhibition.  In October of 2003 this became a reality, as the ‘Shoulda Been a Plumber’ show opened at East Austin’s Blue Genie Art.

The show featured Philip Trussell, Nathan Jensen, Ethan Azarian, and James Perrin, in addition to Chris and Michael’s work.  There is another plumbing exhibition planned for October of 2004, please contact Michael at the information listed below.

Show History

This show built off the momentum created by the Shoulda Been a Plumber show the previous October. With a continued emphasis on paiting, this show showed off a variety of styles and subject matters. It also started to create a pattern and beat to the scheduling of group shows.