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Silkscreen Prints: Print of the Month Club

For the past few months I’ve been working with silkscreen prints in my studio. I’ve always been envious of printmakers for their ability to create multiples – not only for higher sales at lower prices, but for getting their work out on a larger scale.

While my work is and will always be focused on oil painting, I’ve relied heavily on drawing – charcoal, pencil and pastel – to supplement and develop my concepts and imagery. Silkscreen prints are an offshoot of this process that allows me to share my work with a larger audience

I’m currently working on the first two months silkscreen prints for 2019. The first month is reworking some of the red, white and blue imagery of my series of rodeo clown paintings.  The second month will be a translation of my matador paintings into the printed medium. Each month will be a new and original theme, some closely tied to my studio work, others will veer off into other directions.

Print of the Month Pricing

Limited Edition monthly prints will be produced on a monthly basis, and members of the Print of the Month Club can chooses to have them sent to them at no additional cost. Non-members can buy prints online or at shows and other events after each POTM member receives their prints.

Each limited edition print will be limited to a run of 50 prints. A minimum of two special edition prints will be produced throughout the year. 

3 month
6 month
9 month (plus 1 free special edition print)
12 month (plus 2 free special edition prints)

Begin your membership to the Print of the Month Club today. You can order your membership online here.