skype classes


In response to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, I’m now offering my painting and drawing lessons as private Skype classes in lieu of in-person classes.

skype classes

Now is the time to sign up for a Skype class and learn to paint or draw! Great for both children locked out of their schools or adults going stir crazy. These one on one classes follow the same set up as my in-person classes. I will demonstrate techniques, talk about painting and drawing methods, materials, and more!

You can work on a project under the (online) guidance from me, an artist with over fifteen years of teaching private painting and drawing lessons. These skype classes are a great opportunity to practice something you’ve always wanted to do!

While nobody knows how long or hard things will get (and we’re all hoping life returns back to normal ASAP!), these classes will help pass the time and learn at the same time. It also helps keep an artist afloat during these weird economic times. Once things return to normal, any and all unused classes can be redeemed in person, perhaps even with a handshake!

For more information about the skype classes, follow these links: