Soundcheck #4 – The Message

The Message. Shit’s getting real these days. Messages are all over the place, some good, and some, well, fuck, really fucking bad. When Trump was elected, there was a wave of stories online about a new golden age of punk protest songs about to happen. instead art has produced shit like Jim Carrey paintings, tepid SNL recreations and disjointed protests that just make reelection of this clown a fucking given already. Here’s a bunch of stuff I put together from some songs that have spent years floating around my head.

So sit back and enjoy. Since youtube is the current vehicle for this playlist, I suggest downloading adblock to block out all the commercials before the videos. I’m pretty sure the snotty kid in La Jolla who uploaded a Sublime song doesn’t really deserve the extra ad revenue. Artists should get paid, not tech companies or third parties.

Here’s a link to the complete playlist, and here’s a listing with individual links to all the songs:

1. I Will Refuse – Pailhead
2. Mad Groove – The Kleptones
3. More and Faster 243 – KMFDM
4. The Message – Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
5. It’s Like That – Run DMC
6. Can’t Truss It – Public Enemy
7.  We Care a Lot – Faith No More
8.  My Summer Vacation – Ice Cube
9. We’ve Got a Bigger Problem Now – Dead Kennedys
10. Youth Against Facism – Sonic Youth