Instagram Photo Ops

Photo ops for your Kansas City event! Perfect for kids parties, corporate events, weddings or just special events in your life. Handpainted backdrops that are perfect for setting the theme of your event! Cut-outs for heads are available, or just have a handpainted backdrop for all the guests to take ultra-cool instagram pictures! Make your event even more memorable!

We’ll work with you to design and paint the perfect backdrop for your event! We can match specific colors, corporate logos, work from specific photographs, and include the imagery that makes your event special. Custom sizes and shapes are available, making each a one of a kind backdrop that will fit your event and venue perfectly!

With over twenty years of experience painting murals, various large scale painting backdrops and opera sets, the only limit to your backdrop is your own imagination!

photo ops

Photo Ops Sample Pricing

Below are the base rates for various sizes of photo ops. Prices can go up depending on complexity of the image or custom sizing, cutting, etc. All prices are negotiated in advance.

  • 4’x5′ – $100
  • 4’x8′ – $150
  • 8’x8′ – $300
  • custom sizes – available upon request

Photo-ops take an average of 7 days to produce. Extra fees are for rush jobs and last minute changes. Delivery is available for each backdrop as well. Each backdrop includes jacks to stand them up and extra lighting setups can be added to your photo op. For more information on ordering one for your event, contact Michael via email or phone at 816-872-6543.