Custom Built Stretched Canvas in Kansas City

painting stretchers

Kansas City’s Custom Built Canvas Painting Stretchers!
These stretched canvases are handmade by a local Kansas City artist and are sturdy, durable, and come pre-stretched!

Why waste money on cheap store bought canvases that feel like you’re painting on a window shade? These canvases are 1 3/4″ deep off the wall, gallery wrapped (stapled on the back) and use a heavy duty canvas that holds its stretch and is much higher quality than those store bought canvases. Because of the thick width of the sides of the canvas, these stretchers look great on a wall without a frame!

Kiln dried woods ensure no warping will occur with these canvases. Additional cross bracing and corner bracing comes on every canvas in which the longest side is 30″ or over. Canvases come stretched with unprimed 10 oz cotton duck canvas, which provides a solid, and hearty surface for painting. A variety of canvas preparations (for example: gesso, rabbit skin glue, PVC glue) can be added to your order for an additional cost. We can also work with you if you have specific instructions for surface preparation. Additional surface preparation will add to the production time.

I’ve been making these stretchers for over 20 years and personally use them on every painting I paint. The canvas on these painting stretchers can be un-stretched and because these stretchers are durable and heavy duty, they can be re-stretched with new canvas. Compare these prices with lesser quality store bought canvases!

Pricing and Additional Information

Below is a price guide for regular sizes, but custom sizes can be built and oversized canvases can be made as well.

Depending on the size of the order, production will take between 3 and 7 days to fulfill, but rush jobs can be accepted as well. Bulk pricing discounts on large orders over $300 and specials for repeat customers are available. Delivery can also be arranged at a nominal fee.

Stretcher SizePrice
16″ x 20″$14
20″ x 20″$15
18″ x 24″
24″ x 24″$20
24″ x 30″$22
30″ x 30″$25
24″ x 36″$25
30″ x 40″$30
36″ x 36″$30
40″ x 40″$40
40″ x 50″$60
48″ x 48″$70
48″ x 60″$75
60″ x 60″$100
48″ x 72″$100
60″ x 72″$120
72″ x 72″$130

Ordering Stretchers

To order your stretched canvas, email Michael at [email protected] or call at 816-872-6543. Also feel free to include any questions about the painting stretchers.