August ’18 Studio Update

Some new oil paintings, drawings, stretchers, and some writing all happening in the studio. Scroll down to see some of the work in progress and catch up with all the latest developments.

August was one of those months filled with more work than time allows. Plagued by some last minute fidgeting and second guessing over some sketches and ideas for some drawings, I reworked a bunch of ideas into a new set of oil paintings and drawings.

oil paintings

Here’s an early look at three of the new oil paintings inspired by sideshows that I started in August. I’m building up some loose layers of sepia colors, then building up layers of paint using a palette of Indian Red, Prussian Blue and Payne’s Grey. I’ll find the right combination between the red, white and blue palette and the sepia tones to set the correct mood.

oil paintings

These three paintings represent the first three of this series of work, and I’ll be building up the layers of paint and color as I start in on at least another three of these paintings. While all of that is going on, I’ll be working on a whole series of corresponding drawings, not unlike the drawings in the ‘Bulls___ on Parade’ show earlier this year.


On the horizon…

And of course, no month would be complete without a list of things to do. The normal stuff: completely rewriting large swaths of my website, updating pages, and adding new content. I’m also looking into which printmaking methods I’ll use to produce a series of prints by year’s end. Right now, I’m toying with the idea of making some etchings. In ongoing news, I’m still studiously working on my large writing project. (My ‘To-Read’ book pile is growing,  with the latest from CJ Janovy. I picked it up at her talk at the Central Library last month). So with all of that activity looming over my head, September is looking quite full. The cherry on top are the twenty two by fours sitting on my studio floor. They’re just waiting to be turned into painting stretchers. My knees, back and forearms aren’t looking forward to that daunting task.

But, like everything else, it’s gotta get done…