T-Shirt of the Month – June 2015

T-Shirt of the Month – JuneExposure T-Shirt


This month my limited series of screenprinted shirts continues as part of the Schliefkevision t-shirt of the month. Each month a new design will be featured, and a limited number of shirts will be printed. I will begin taking orders when the new design is announced, and I will accept pre-orders, which will ensure that you get the size that you need. After tallying the pre-orders, I’ll order extra shirts to fill the limited number quota that will be put on sale on my website until they sell out.This month’s design is not just for photographers, it’s for any artist who has been asked to do work in exchange of ‘exposure’. In this design, the photographer is in front of some undeveloped film and the shirt proudly states ‘Exposure Pays My Bills!’ The price of the shirt it $18 and is printed on 100% cotton shirts. This month the design will be a black print on an red shirt.

Pre-order today to guarantee you’ll get the size you need! Pre-orders are accepted until June 10th, and all t-shirts will be printed and ready for delivery on June 30th.

Order your t-shirt here!