Art Post Haste XIV -July ’18

Art Post Haste XIV -July ’18

Art Post Haste July edition! Here’s another round of stories from the art world and its nearby surroundings. Click around to find out why bugs are so important to painters’ palettes, the artsy return of a Kansas City institution, and a smattering of good, bad and interesting art stories for another month.

Art Post Haste #12

Here’s some of the latest goings on in the art world. I’ll just leave this link here. I really can’t tell you what I think of this. Neanderthals made art before humans did! Stanley Spencer is an amazing painter I’ve always admired. He was also, sadly, a broken man. I randomly ran across this sketch…

Art Post Haste #10

Here are the latest links from around the web that deal with the art world, design, or just some interesting stuff in general: Austinites! Courtesy of the fine folks at Big Medium, the West Austin Studio Tour revs up this weekend and continues through next weekend. It’s your uber-less duty to check out and support…