June ’22 Studio Update

June ’22 Studio Update

One of the things I teach in my drawing classes is not to trust your brain. You have to learn to let your eyes and hand communicate to each other. Human brains are wired to identify patterns, rely on prior knowledge and make snap decisions in milliseconds. These are survival lessons taught over thousands of…

Mail Art Special!

Special Chance to Receive Some Postcard Art! Here’s your chance to receive a drawing on a postcard from Michael Schliefke! As a token of my appreciation for visiting and reading this website, for a limited time I will be making a whole series of drawings on postcards, and I will be sending them out to…

work on the Last Supper

If you haven’t heard yet, I’ve been commissioned to paint a large scale painting of my interpretation of the Last Supper. After running the sketch by the client, I made some color studies, built, stretched and prepared the 11′ x 5.5′ canvas, and spent a few hours the other night transferring the drawing.