The New is The Same as The Old…

I’ve recently switched studios and moved my studio to Blue Genie Art, where I hunkered down, painted, sweated and curated shows way back in 2003-2004.  Blue Genie has been family to me pretty much since my arrival in Austin, and it feels good to be back in familiar creative environs with a group of extraordinarily talented and creative folks working on a continual assortment of off the wall jobs.

There’s a lot that has changed in and around the shop since those halcyon days ages ago – Rory Skagen and Ian Shults have both ventured off to their own studios, and the Blue Genie lineup has transformed into a younger and hungry artmaking force.  Perhaps looming in the backs of everyone’s head is the most noticeable change to the grounds containing Blue Genie – the radical transformation of Goodwill’s Blue Hanger into Canopy, a new multimillion dollar art complex.

Still, the remnants and reminders of the old days, from Brendon Walsh’s painting of Rory Skagen (‘You are a Good Person’) still hanging over the front door to the old casts and sculptures that fill the empty spaces and storage areas, to the innumerable stories on the tip of every veteran’s tongue about the vaguely reckless parties, installation trips, and the shining moments of the Old Guard.

It’s exciting being back at Blue Genie and in the weeks since I unpacked my brushes and got back to work, I’ve been very productive, enjoy a bunch of laughs with old friends, and feel great to be back at one of the most creative centers in Austin.