The Return of the Blue Genie Danger Derby

The Return of the Blue Genie Danger Derby

Blue Genie Danger Derby

During the second Saturday of the East Austin Studio Tour, Blue Genie Art will host the 2nd Annual Blue Genie Danger Derby.  The Derby is a no holds barred, no rules pinewood derby race off a 100 foot track fraught with dangers – flying anvils, spinning sawblades, jumps and fire.

Intrepid participants (including lots of artists on the studio tour as well as the ultra creative staff at Blue Genie) build their own pinewood derby cars from kits they can pick up the first weekend of EAST.  Race heats are drawn, and every car has a chance to run down the ramp and through the dangers, hopefully making it to the finish line before their competitors.

Last year’s inaugural race saw a wide variety of cars – from speedy, traditional racers to art cars to cars based off movies – running a wild gamut of the imagination from the public, artists, and car enthusiasts alike.  The races held the crowd breathless as they careened down the ramp, building up speed to meet the dangers head on – collisions, lost wheels and a little bit of fire kept the crowd wanting more.

This year the track is expected to be bigger, with better dangers and a whole new, extended cast of participating cars.  The Return of the Blue Genie Danger Derby is an event not be missed! If you’d like more information on the race, building a car, volunteering or have any questions, feel free to send an email.  In the meantime, mark your calendars for November 23rd, and take a look at this excellent writeup of last year’s event!