Union Station Dinosaurs

Union Station Dinosaurs Gets Shannon P.’s Thumbs Up

July, 2018 – The Union Station Dinosaurs show is open and in full effect! Our little T-Rex friend is a willing participant in countless selfies outside Union Station, and inside, the show is unbelievable! Or so I’ve heard…

Union Station Dinosaurs

The show is full of animatronic dinosaurs and exhibits,  ready to please young and old alike. Don’t take my word on this, instead, let’s see what the people are saying about it: “It’s the best dinosaur exhibit we’ve ever seen”!

See it? In the red circle? The intense review boasting how it’s the best dinosaur exhibit they’ve ever seen!??? Who said it? The New York Times? ABC News? The BBC? Kansas City Star? No, no, no, and nope. Out quote comes from the wonderfully schizophrenic Shannon P., who may or may not actually be schizophrenic, or just may have a crazy case of using the ‘royal we‘ whenever he/she gets the chance.

Just who is Shannon P.? How many dinosaur shows has Shannon P. seen? Is Shannon P. some sort of secret dinosaur show critic? Does this person get invited to previews and mail in their reviews of the show for print on posters and other promotional materials? 

Perhaps Shannon P. hangs out with our good old friends and fellow mysterious critics Cheryl and Troy.

Union Station Dinosaurs

The show runs through January, 2019. You probably should check it out.