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Cheryl and Troy Review Pompeii

Union Station Kansas CityApril 2016, Union Station Kansas City –
While doing some painting work for the Lyric Opera’s collaboration on the design of the renovated Planetarium inside Kansas City’s Union Station, I walked past one of those innocuous signs promoting the Pompeii show that is currently running at Union Station.  I didn’t think anything of it until I passed it a second time and looked a little more carefully at what exactly the poster was telling me. 

Pompeii – The Exhibition was happening, I could travel back in time to 79 AD, I could experience life as the ancient Romans did, see actual body casts of victims of the volcanic eruption, and “it’s one of the best exhibitions we’ve ever attended”, an actual quote from Cheryl and Troy.

Wait, what? Take a look for yourself:

Union Station Kansas City

Who exactly are Cheryl and Troy? What are they doing getting their review on the poster? What else have they reviewed? Do they have excellent taste? Are they scholars? Are they a couple or did they both arrive at this conclusion independent of each other?

I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the next show that opens at Union Station, and you can bet that  I will be reading every line of the poster.