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Back when I was a kid, every once in a while during the long days of summer I’d take the train into Boston and wander through the city. One of my favorite stops was the Utrecht Store on Mass Avenue.

Utrecht wasn’t some hobby store where there would be some paints and drawing pads at the end of an aisle stuffed with pom poms, tongue depressors and glue. It was a full fledged artist’s dream – charcoals, clays, rows of paints and brushes, rolls of canvas, the whole lot right in front of your eyes!

Utrecht Oil Paints

I was hooked when I bought my first tubes of Utrecht paint in those green, white and yellow boxes oh so long ago. The paint is the perfect thickness for my paintings. The colors are consistent and have a great tinting strength.

Utrecht oil paints have been my go to paints for over twenty years now. Since its purchase by Dick Blick, the quality and value of the paint remains unmatched! The consistency and thickness of the paint is versatile for both palette knife and brush. It peaks well, but does the job with washes just as easily.

Besides Urecht oil paints, the company still makes canvas and some great palette knifes as well. Here’s an image from an old Utrecht catalog that appears on their website. Look at that lineup of Utrecht artists! George Grosz! Reginald Marsh! Hans Hoffman taught one of my drawing teachers! And my personal favorite artist of all time – the one, the only Jack Levine!

Utrecht Oil Paints

Utrecht oil paints get my highest recommendation.