Winston Churchill and the Art of Leaders

Winston Churchill
picture of Winston Churchill painting, from the Hallmark Visitor’s Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

Okay, so this is a bit of a teaser post, but there will be a bunch more on its way soon.  The idea for this post started on an unceremonious visit to the Hallmark Visitor’s Center right here in Kansas City.  After looking through the displays of old cards, Christmas trees and making a bow for myself, I came across an exhibit of paintings by Winston Churchill.

I never knew he painted, let alone wrote two books about painting.  On display was about 6 or 7 paintings, mostly landscapes, that were part of an exhibition at the Nelson- Atkins in 1951. The catalog included an introduction written by Eisenhower, who helped put together the entire show.

So in the coming months, with the help of the resources at the Spencer Art Reference Library at the Nelson, I’m hoping to write some compelling stories about world leaders and their artistic endeavors. Keep an eye out for the first entry!