Winter at City Market

The City Market with freshly covered snow:
Snowy City Market
As the temperatures drop to new lows this week throughout Kansas City, here’s a look at the

During the first snowfall in Kansas City in December, I took a walk across the street through City Market and captured this bizarre little photo of the snow covered awning and a warm, hazy sky.

The market is still fairly busy during the weekends, with a few vendors still selling their bison meat, honey, and other non-seasonal goods, along with the vendors selling their produce and spices inside the glassed off walkway, heated by the grills and kitchens of the restaurants inside.

The rivermarket neighborhood is a crazy quiet and safe neighborhood filled with life and residents  that’s completely changed over from the bare bones, dilapidated section of town it was when I was in school at KCAI in the mid nineties. The row of restuaranats that now run along the eastern corridor once was rented out for an end of the semester sculpture show!

I love having my studio so close to the City Market, it’s a great part of town, filled with friendly people and warm businesses that constantly reminds me of how much I love being in Kansas City. I spent most of the Royals’ playoff run celebrating with dollar victory shots at the Blue Line, Harry’s is always a welcome destination, Cascone’s Grill is just a fantastic breakfast/lunch spot with the best meatloaf in town, and Cellar and Loft has the most amazing meal/wine deals in the city, and has to be one of the best kept secrets in town.