Mar ’16 Work in Progress

Mar 2016 – Here is a look at some of my recent work in progress with some snapshots taken in my studio. There are nine oil paintings in various stages, along with ten charcoal/pencil and acrylic wash drawings that will soon be supplemented by about five more drawings.

The work has moved along pretty quick and I’m pretty pleased with how the brushwork and colors are coming together in the paintings. The imagery is a good launching point to concentrate on the act of painting and work out color and markmaking. As these paintings turn the corner and all my freshly prepared canvases are filled up, I’m moving fast to finish these up and keep the progress moving in the studio.

I’ve already begun researching my next theme that will supplement the boxers and am looking forward to building on all the momentum through the next few months before taking a little time off to put together some long awaited art shows. Some of the work I’m currently working on will be displayed in Lawrence through May at Hank Charcuterie.

Work in Progress  Work in Progress Work in Progress  Work in ProgressWork in Progress
Rabbit Skin Glue