Through the Years…

Recently, this website shot past its 12th anniversary. What started out as a juvenile joke on a fateful day in late January walking the streets of downtown Austin, Texas with fellow painter Chris Chappell  soon became “the reason the internet was invented” (actual quote, 27 year old Michael Schliefke). With no prior knowledge of website design or creation I sat down for a three hour crash course in Dreamweaver and built the first site in a few hours.

After buying a cheap copy of Frontpage, I spent the next nine years building every page by hand, staying up all hours of the night to produce page after page describing my favorite t-shirt colors, upcoming art shows and recapping various trips I took to visit friends and family across the country. This website has taken on many forms and designs over the years, but somehow, has been an invaluable asset that has helped me sustain my life as a self employed artist over the past dozen years.

Looking back!

Here’s a look back at some of the old designs schliefkevision has taken on over the years:

Why Schliefkevision? When the idea to start the website took hold, I tried getting Schliefke.com. But some Germans already laid claim to my family name, so I just instinctively added vision to my name. I liked the idea of a hybrid 50’s-esque theme that harkened back to old comic book ads and infomercials. Since the website was meant to be a tabloid of my life, spotlighting my art, other art I liked, satire and stupid jokes, I liked the name immediately. Even the dumb wordplay off television and artistic vision. As if artists are true visionaries producing all these crazy things that they envision inside their heads.

Each thumbnail has a description or a story of that particular website’s design, so click away at your own leisure:


Twenty Year Update! – January, 2023

Well, time just continues to fly by! It’s now been twenty years since my little website was launched! Here’s an update of how my site has continued to progress: